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Family Friendly / Child Friendly

We at Megalithic Tours are truly passionate about family travel and we want to instill the love for learning and spark some interest in history and culture into the hearts of young travellers. We hope that their budding curiosities will blossom into lifelong passions for travel and culture.

Friendly Expert Guides

We believe that how you travel is just as important as the destination you are traveling to. It takes an expert tour guide who is a great storyteller to make a Stone Circle or heap of ruins transform into an ancient wonder of the world or an imposing cathedral into an architectural wonder! Our expert, local Stonehenge tour guides can literally make a world of a difference!
This is why we carefully hand pick our guides and make sure they adapt each tour to your individual needs, interest and energy level.

Stonehenge Tour Testimonials

"Hi, my family and I took your STONEHENGE INNER CIRCLE SUNRISE tour on Monday 3rd January. I just wanted to say what a wonderful experience we all had and would recommend it to everyone. The tour guide was fantastic and so informative and to be able to go up to the stones without the presence of hundreds of tourists was a valuable and unique experience.
Thank you so much for this opportunity,

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Stonehenge Megalithic Tours


Stonehenge Megalithic Tours
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