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Visiting Stonehenge and need a local tour guide?

If you are travelling independently and would like to make your visit to Stonehenge truly memorable then why not use one of our expert local tour guides. We can arrange for them to meet you at the English Heritage visitor centre any time of day throughout the year.

Doing it once? Do it Properly!

Megalithic Stonehenge tour guides are all experienced, local and passionate about prehistory and ancient Britain. Some have archaeological backgrounds, others are authors, story tellers, astronomers – all eager to share their in-depth knowledge with you. We can often arrange these tours at short notice but we recommend booking in advance.

Walking Tour Testimonial

“The best way to approach Stonehenge is on foot across the landscape, the same way that the ancient Neolithic and Bronze Age people did over 4000 years ago”

Book a Stonehenge Tour Guide

See more… experience more… guaranteed!

Megalithic Stonehenge Tours will always make the most of your precious time and we promise that you will leave us with a host of unforgettable memories.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with your specific tour requirements.

Stonehenge Megalithic Tours


Stonehenge Megalithic Tours
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